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Facing an Investigation or Criminal Charges for Florida Sex Crimes?

When you’re facing criminal charges for any sex crime in Florida, the stakes are high. As a former Sex Crimes Prosecutor, Joshua has handled nearly every type of sex offense in the State of Florida. Whether you’re facing charges for Sexual Battery/Assault, Statutory Rape, Lewd or Lascivious Molestation, or Child Pornography, Joshua understands the severity of your situation and is ready to fight for you immediately. His experience with these charges and allegations is second to none, which allows him to provide the highest quality legal representation for each of his clients. From the moment you’re made aware of a potential legal issue, Joshua is always by your side to protect and defend your rights.

From his main office in Fort Lauderdale, founding attorney Joshua S. Danz provides skilled, detailed and trusted legal representation for these extremely sensitive cases. Joshua provides the highest level of defense that can only come from having been on the other side, as a sex crimes Prosecutor, and knowing how Prosecutors think. His experience and reputation in the legal community puts him in a unique position to defend your rights.

Joshua understands the sensitive nature of any sex offense allegation or investigation, prior to an arrest. He upholds the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy, ensuring that your case is handled with the discretion it demands. With his extensive background in this area of criminal law, as well as his stellar reputation for hard work, persuasiveness, and innovation, clients can trust in his ability to confidently navigate the complexities of both state and federal sex crime cases.

The Seriousness of Sex Crime Accusations

With sex crime accusations, the damage to one’s reputation begins before criminal charges are even brought. Simply being the subject of an investigation can cause severe damage to the accused’s reputation in the community. The sooner a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney advocates for your rights, the better. Joshua is ready to defend his clients against any sex crime investigation, allegations or charges, including:

  • Sexual Assault and Battery
  • Lewd or Lascivious Molestation
  • Solicitation and Prostitution-related offenses
  • Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Human Trafficking
  • Cybercrimes and Internet-based offenses

The consequences of an arrest, as well as a conviction for sex crimes are profound, and ultimately, life-changing. In addition to potential prison time and fines, individuals may be required to register as a sexual offender or sexual predator, which can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s liberty, housing, reputation, employment status and personal relationships. It is of the utmost importance to have a knowledgeable and experienced sex crimes attorney by your side throughout the process. Joshua handles investigations and criminal charges into sex crimes cases throughout the State of Florida.

Sex Charges for State and Federal Crimes

Criminal charges for sex crimes can be investigated by law enforcement and charged by Florida state or federal Prosecutors. Depending on the circumstances, certain sex crimes that cross state lines, such as internet related sex crimes, like child pornography or human trafficking, can be investigated by federal agents and prosecuted in federal court.

The distinction between state and federal sex crime charges can significantly affect the strategy of your defense. Federal charges often carry harsher penalties and broader implications, necessitating a defense that is both meticulous and aggressive. However, State charged sex crimes must be taken very seriously as well, as certain charges carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

Protect Your Future With an Experienced and Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

With so much at risk, the value of an experienced criminal defense attorney cannot be overstated. The right lawyer can mean the difference between a future burdened by a conviction, incarceration and other collateral consequences, and one where you have the chance to move forward without a life-changing outcome. Joshua uses his extensive knowledge to protect your rights and advocate for the most favorable outcome in your case.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are under investigation, or have been accused of any type of criminal sexual misconduct, take action to protect your future and your freedom. You can schedule a free, confidential consultation by calling The Law Offices of Joshua S. Danz at 954-546-7760 or by filling out the online contact form. Attorney Joshua S. Danz is ready to stand with you and fight for your future.